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Here are 5 terms you may or may not have heard of that should set your mind to save more and spend carefully!

We have a number of terms that are helpful in explaining good financial behaviour. Although they are not explained in their strictest technical sense, the rationale still proves useful. If you are looking for ways to save and spend better, these terms can direct you! Firstly we have inflation, most countries at most times have […]

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3 things you can do for Valentine’s Day without giving in to the holiday’s gimmicks.

If you have planned a date with reference to the occasion and its norms, there will be flowers and a dinner. The plain vanilla way of acknowledging the special date is still in fashion but to try something different can bring new sparks to the relationship. There is no need to spend a lot of […]

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Where to go on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year in Singapore? Let’s find out!

Chinese New Year is coming! While the first two days are usually reserved for visiting family and friends, the third day is traditionally considered an unlucky day to be visiting or be visited. This year as the New Year falls entirely on the weekend, the following Monday is a public holiday too. This is a […]

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